Idiot Club

Three idiots who make stuff yeah

Web games

Things you can click or tap on with your finger(s)

Invaders icon Gold Rush icon Dominate icon

Coming soon: Minions, a board game of creature-slaying

About the games


Invaders is a canvas game about defending your turret from invaders. Shoot bullets at invaders, upgrade your shots and powers, and fight off waves of increasingly advanced monsters. Invaders was made by Hashs.

Gold Rush

A clicker game by Hashs. Gold Rush involves mining gold and diamonds, then hiring more people to do it for you. Upgrade your operation, pay off your loan, and discover powerful artifacts.


A strategy game by Hashs involving building mines, mills, farms, houses, and more. Build your army and take over your greedy neighbors, or make alliances with them. Either way, control the world to win.


The digital port of a board game by Hashs. Command your cards across the battlefield, kill your enemies, and cause destruction. It can be played with anywhere from 2 to 12 players. Coming Soon.

Minecraft projects

Things you can place blocks in

mcEXP, an RPG leveling datapack

Lets you level up skills by doing things in game, then use those to do better overall. Get it at Planet Minecraft

New mystery datapack coming soon lol.

Discord server

These things are trendy so we got one.

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